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Institutional Learning Outcomes

Approved by the Board of Trustees (9/28/18)


Develop discipline-specific skills and foundational skills in information literacy, quantitative reasoning, critical and creative thinking, inquiry and analysis, teamwork, leadership, and varied modes of communication.


Achieve comprehensive knowledge of discipline-specific area(s) of study and of human cultures and the physical and natural world, through engagement with contemporary and enduring questions.


Acquire civic, community, and intercultural knowledge and develop social competence while engaging as a responsible, global citizen.


Synthesize and collaborate across general and discipline-specific studies for innovative solutions of complex and unscripted problems.


  • Growth Mindset: The belief that personal attributes can be developed through effort and education.
  • Relationship Building: The practice of cultivating trusting, collaborative and inclusive relationships.
  • Intentional Learning: The purposeful, deliberate process to acquire and use a variety of strategies to attain and apply knowledge.
  • Tenacity: The habit of persevering, adapting and staying engaged for a sustained period of time to achieve goals.